creativeLIVE & Ana Brandt’s Pregnancy and Newborn Course

In November of 2013 Ana had the amazing ability to work with the creativeLIVE team teaching a three day pregnancy and newborn workshop. The workshop was broadcasted around the world, and the chat rooms overflowed with questions, responses and praise. Below are just a few of the hundreds of reviews, thoughts and messagses that were sent in response to the course.

Ana’s Blog - Three Days in the creativeLIVE life



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Ana also participated in PhotoWeek and Ignite in the Fall of 2013.

In 2014 Ana went back during Photo Week to teach again.



” I purchased it!!! I’ve been meaning to tell you Ana, I watched most of the first day via rebroadcast and stayed up until FOUR IN THE MORNING to do so!!! Then got up at 6 lol!! The next day it was playing but my 2 year old kept distracting me. From the bits I caught I could tell it was to good to miss and bought it! I have’nt finished it yet but I just wanted to tell you even what I HAVE seen has made it worth every penny!! I just LOVED when you were honest about that part when you were at your doctors and broke down because you were finally asked if you were okay!!! I had the same thing when my son was about 11 months. NO ONE had asked me that, I had been having some issues with him learning to talk and was feeling like a horrible mother. Him asking and telling me I was doing a good job made me break down! I loved you but hearing you be so candid I loved you even more!! Awesome. But one question I had, when you went over safety you said the foods to not eat list would be in one of the downloads and so far it isn’t? Is that in this one or another to come? Thanks again for doing CreativeLive, it was AMAZING for you to share so many secrets!!”


“Hi Ana, I have been doing photography steadily since 2004. After shooting many paid gigs and free shoots for friends over the years, in December of 2011, I finally decided to take it to the next lever and officially start doing it as a business. Our main focus was going to be on weddings and events, with some portraiture thrown in for good measure. Well…. Feb, 2012, I suffered a stroke which landed me in a hospital then rehab facility for three months. I thought my dream was dead forever. About a month in, I asked my partner to bring my camera to me in the rehab center to see if I could still hold it. I guess I was actually saying goodbye to my dream. I was in a wheelchair, not knowing if I would ever walk again and had a hard time just bringing the camera to my face to frame a shot. I made up my mind to not give up and was determined to be able to continue photography, even if it would be just a hobby. Well, with a lot of hard work in therapy, by the end of month two, I was wheeling around the facility taking photos of the stall who were helping me on my journey back. I finally got out of the rehab and slowly began to get back into photography. I was unable to drive, so while my partner was at work, friends would come and take me out on photowalks. I eventually ended up doing a couple of concerts and events, but because my walking was not like it used to be, I struggled. I then got the opportunity last December to shoot the CD cover of a local musician. She was delighted with the photos and I started to regain some of the confidence in myself which I had lost. One day, just for something to do, I went online and built my first website, Next, I started a facebook business page. Knowing nothing about marketing, I thought this would be enough to get me started back on my dream. I did get a few jobs, but because of my limited mobility, I just wasn’t having the fun I used to. I would come home and be tired and sore. Instead of immediately looking over my photos, all I wanted to do was take a hot bath and lay down. I started doing photography for fun and now I just wasn’t having any. About a month ago, I made the decision to change my focus from weddings and events to portraits. I love this genre and I own studio lighting and other equipment, and I was a lot happier and less “uncomfortable” after a shoot. Because I love babies so much (I have six children and 14 grandchildren plus on due in Feb), I want to concentrate more on family photography, from bump to baby and beyond. I went to YouTube to gain some knowledge about this genre and after watching many I stumbled on ANA BRANDT! I was like WOW! This is who I want to learn from. I started watching your videos and then I get an email from CL that you will be doing a workshop! Needless to say, I was ecstatic. Well, I watched all three days and even had it on my phone if I had to leave the house. I learned so much from you and I know what I gained will help me on my way. I do have to say though, one of the most important things I am taking from your workshop is to do what needs to be done and not make excuses. Your personal stories touched my heart and I was totally able to relate. You inspired me to be the best that I can be and I thank you so much for that. Between the knowledge that you share and the inspiration that you give, you are by far the best. I plan on eventually purchasing your workshop from CL when I am financially able. Until then, I will continue to watch you on youTube and hope to one day meet you if you are ever in the Tampa Bay Florida area. Thank you for listening and for a great class.”


“OMG!! Thanks Ana, for those 3 days on Creative Live, I really learned a lot and I love your energy and your passion. I will continue to practice all that I learned. You are an inspiration to me and I want to learn more about getting better pictures and especially to pregnant best photos of newborns. Thank you very much for your time!”


I have applied your lessons you taught me in my photography, Tupperware and Mary Kay and I have to update you. In the last 4 days, I went from nothing to 3 people asking about booking photo sessions and pre-ordering packages with prints and books, etc., 2 people booking Tupperware parties and people coming to me about Mary Kay! You are sooo right! The money doesn’t come to you, you have to FIND the money. Find what they want! Offer a cheap digital and make it seem like that isn’t important and suddenly they WANT the prints! Slight discount and they order MORE! You have no idea how much you have inspired me and how much confidence you have instilled in me. I really hope to meet you one day.


hank you for all the information you have provided. I am 45 years old and just returned to college doing photography, graphic and web design. I have finally decided what I want to be when I grow up! lol  I recently decided to get serious about building my business and I appreciate all the knowledge you have shared.

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