Ignite: 5 Minutes of Motivational Factors


Recently  I was invited to speak on Kevin Kubota’s Ignite program. Instructors had to create a 20 page keynote slide that then would run for 15 seconds each during your 5 minute speech. You had 5 minutes to talk about whatever you wanted. I decided to choose Motivational Factors, and wow was it intense! I had not accounted for the 15 seconds on the image slides and felt like I was running the fastest marathon ever! The group, the team, the audience were all amazing and empowering. I thank the entire creativeLIVE team for having me and for Kevin Kubota and his wife – what an amazing energizing couple. When you meet them you want to just hug them forever to feel their amazing energy!

It was an intense five minutes I will never forget.

Below are my keynotes  – thought I would post – since I was a tad off on my timing!

To view the Motivational Factors speech at Ignite - click here.

ignite-anabrandt.001 ignite-anabrandt.002 ignite-anabrandt.003 ignite-anabrandt.004 ignite-anabrandt.005 ignite-anabrandt.006 ignite-anabrandt.007 ignite-anabrandt.008 ignite-anabrandt.009 ignite-anabrandt.010 ignite-anabrandt.011 ignite-anabrandt.012 ignite-anabrandt.013 ignite-anabrandt.014 ignite-anabrandt.015 ignite-anabrandt.016 ignite-anabrandt.017 ignite-anabrandt.018 ignite-anabrandt.019 ignite-anabrandt.020

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